Pornification of America
Saturday, November 19, 2005
  The entertainment age has begun
How to tame an inflated entertainment budget | CNET "for all the talk of the Information Age, we are really in the Entertainment Age"

How much does it cost to keep the brian disengaged?
  Sinrod likes his porn....
Sympatico / MSN:

"Some may argue that viewing pornography on iPods is a positive development for interested adults. "
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
  What happens to your vision after to much porn
Jason Salavon - Figure 1. (Every Playboy Centerfold, 1988-1997)
  Porn for the children of the world.....
Macworld: News: MIT to launch $100 laptop prototype in November:

"As to children accessing pornography, the lab is working on how best to block harmful online content, he said. However, Negroponte asks people not to blame the medium. “Pornography uses the printed page, but [Johannes] Gutenberg [the inventor of the printing press] isn’t getting much flak,” he quipped."

Maybe it was a little different for Johannes - he made his press to print the Christian Bible.
This looks at the creepy pornification of our society.

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It is like this .. If an intruder breaks into my house I am to poor to be able to purchase a Taser or even a real gun all I have is a shovel - that means if I catch someone in my house I have to beat them unconscious which takes more work and is harder on the intruder but I do not have to go to Wal-mart and spend 350 on a shotgun. We need to think more like this and less like someone with to much money and time on their hands... Must find...antidote.. If you want to contact me please leave a comment - be sure that you include return postage

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